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2021: In July, DOUBLE TROUBLE ON 30A came out! A gripping thriller about identical twins and genetics.  
2020: VERONA WITH LOVE was released in February. Part memoir, part fantasy, this is a captivating tale of the power of love, the intensity of life’s choices and the magical discovery of a new culture.  In June MISSING ON 30A was ready for sale. It continues Claire's adventures on the Emerald Coast.
2019: Envy on 30A was released in January. This classic mystery takes place in the fabulous Magnolia Resort on the Emerald Coast. Victoria Palmer, a social-media queen plans a wedding extravaganza that goes terribly wrong. It's a superb beach read!
2018: THE GIRL ON 30A was released in January. This fast-paced mystery novel takes place on the exquisite Emerald Coast along Highway 30A in the Florida Panhandle. Part travelogue and part thriller, THE GIRL ON 30A paints a vibrant portrait of a distinctive region while spinning an intriguing tale.

November 2015: DIVERGENT DEATHS takes place in Banner Bluff and the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  It deals with current ecological issues and unackowledged marital differences.


2015-2016: For over a year, I turned my attention to my blog. I describe experiences and share memories of my life in France, Italy, Sweden and Belgium. Check it out.


March 2015  I re-invented myself as a literary motivator and consultant.

I spoke to high school creative writing classes about Writing Strategies and The Power of the Imagination. With prompts the students wrote imaginative, creative prose. They were a delightful, interactive audience.


October 2014  RAW GUILT was published on Amazon as a paperback and ebook.  It's a contemporary womens' novel dealing with personal loss, gradual acceptance and ultimate hope.  It will transport you from Chicago's cold to Key West's sunshine.
May 2014:  Today FACE BLIND was published on Amazon.  It's the second book in the Banner Bluff Mystery series.  It's a little more graphic, a little more sexy and a little more fun!  You will find many of your favorite characters and some sinister new ones. If you didn't get a chance to read THE LAKE, maybe you want to read it first!

April 2013 - THE LAKE was published. A major personal feat!



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